Status Report on Core Operations - Mail as on    Phase: 3


Part A - Pre-Operative Services

Part B - KPI Values Remittances Savings Bank Remarks
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Post Office Computer


Revision of cash limits completed?

Revision of line limits completed?


-alization of eMO completed?


-alization of iMO completed?

Number of MOs not paid due to cash shortage

Total number of accounts (all types)

Number of accounts (all types) where signature scanning completed

Number of accounts (all types) where data entry completed

Whether deceased claim register available?

Mail arrange

-ments review done?

Beat Review done?

Review of sorting mail diagrams done?

Due Mail & sorting lists done?


-ments for free availability of public forms done?

Cleanliness drive completed?


-alization of counters completed?

Formulation of citizenís charter completed?

Number of Articles received today
No. of  Mail not sent out for delivery
No.  of deliverable mail not delivered same day
No. of Mis-sent Articles
Time of start of delivery from PO
Time of actual arrival of mail

Number of MO     received

No. of MO paid same day

Total number of MO booked on the day

Number of eMO booked 

Number of VPMOs, local MOs & SPMOs booked

Number of pending account transfer requests

Number of pending deceased claim cases

Sub-Type                                     Ord Regd Sp.Post Ord Regd Sp.Post Ord Regd Sp.Post Ord Regd Sp.Post  


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